Coaching School Change

This paper articulates the development and implementation of the school change coaching process designed for the Oregon Small Schools Initiative. It outlines the critical role of the School Change Coach, describes the scope of coaching responsibilities in small schools, and explains the reflective, inquiry based framework and coaching model that guided the largest high school reform Initiative in Oregon’s history. The highlighted text directs the reader to specific coaching tools below. Click Here

Initiative Toolkit: School Change Coaching Tools


The following tools are organized alphabetically. They also are cross-referenced to the School Change Rubric. All documents are in either .pdf or .doc format.

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Name Description RUBRIC

& Culture

Teaching & Learning Leadership Development Community Engagement
ACE Observation Tool  A classroom observation tool    X    
Asset Mapping Protocol An inventory and visual map of school curricular, extra curricular and student support programs to facilitate program alignment and resource allocation     X  
Backward Design A design process for instructional planning   X    
BayCES Coaching Cycle and Model A framework that outlines the process of coaching     X  
Bloom's Taxonomy A classification of learning behaviors   X    
CES Small Schools Strategic Plan Outline Components of a small school strategic plan X   X  
Chalk Talk Gallery Walk A process tool for facilitating discussion and active engagement X X   X
Characteristics of a Small School A small schools learning environment framework     X X
Charter School - The Decision  Outlines the top ten reasons to charter or not to charter X      
Coach Roles and Responsibilities A list describing coaching tasks and responsibilities      X  
Coach Work Plan Template A sample school work plan used to outline coaching interventions     X  
Collaborative Assessment Protocol A process for looking at student work to assess what it reveals about the student and the implications for classroom practice.   X    
Community Agreements Sample of community agreements or norms X     X
Community Agreements for Young People - Four Fold Way for Young  An adaptation of the Four Fold Way - community agreements for students X     X
Compass Points Protocol A process that helps team members identify their 'work' style       X
Connections  Protocol A process for getting group members connected before starting work together X      
Constructivist Listening Protocol Guidelines for a listening process X     X
Consultancy A process for helping individual and/or teams think extensively about a concrete dilemma     X X
Consultancy Chalk Talk Protocol A silent dialogue that allows groups to share thoughts about a specific dilemma       X
Continuum for Collaborative, Reflective, Public practice A continuum reflecting progress toward public practice in order to improve instruction X   X X
Conversion Task Grid_ Building-Curriculum A planning tool for curriculum development   X    
Creating Group Agreements An outline for developing group norms/agreements X      
Critical Friends Groups A description of critical friends groups and their purpose       X
Cross Cultural Constructs A list of dynamics to be considered when working cross-culturally  X   X X
Crossover Options Chart Small school philosophy about cross- over courses     X  
Crossovers - A Coach's Reflection A Coach's reflection on Crossovers - All Access Classes on Conversion Campuses X X X  
Differentiated Instruction Sample - Spanish American War: Imperialism A sample lesson articulating steps to differentiated instruction   X    
Equity Council Description A sample of an Equity Council at North Eugene Campus X   X  
Establishing Proficiency Based Student Performance Levels A Rubric for Assessing student proficiency   X    
Evidence of Teaching and Learning- Learning Walks   A sample framework for observing classrooms   X X  
Failing and Struggling Students Templat A template for assessing the needs of low performing students   X    
Feedback Nightmares Protocol A protocol for addressing fears regarding getting and giving feedback X   X  
Final Word Text Protocol A discussion format for exploring a text , clarifying thinking and questioning beliefs   X    
Five Finger Share Simple decision making process     X X
Four A's Text Protocol A process tool for discussing text   X    
Futures Protocol A process to envision possibilities for school design or re-design.  May be used in conjunction with the Gap Analysis tool X   X  
Gap Analysis Blank Template A template/ process tool for strategic planning     X  
Gap Analysis Model -Sample on leadership A visual planning tool to help clarify objectives, current realities, and action steps specific to leadership     X  
How Do I Grade An exercise for teachers to examine grading practices   X    
Humanities Proficiencies: WWI A list of student proficiencies - example of humanities - lesson on World War I    X    
Implications of Curricular Autonomy   A tool for examining the design implications of autonomy over curriculum X X X  
Implications of Leadership Autonomy   A tool for examining the design implications of autonomy over leadership and governance X   X  
Implications of Scheduling Autonomy  A tool for examining the design implications of autonomy over scheduling X   X  
Implications of Staffing Autonomy A tool for examining the design implications of autonomy over staffing X   X  
Improving Relationships Within the Schoolhouse An article on relationships by Roland Barth X     X
Instructional Framework A outline of why instructional frameworks are important, and their common elements   X X  
Instructional Frameworks Presentation A PowerPoint on developing an instructional framework   X X  
Best Practices in  reforming High Schools      X  
Journey Map Directions A visual map that identifies key events, milestones, and factors that have occurred in a small school overtime     X  
Journey Map Sample A Sample journey map from Rex Putnam High School     X  
Kiva Process Summary An interactive dialogue that facilitates a large group conversation on key issues and challenges X     X
Leadership Learning Matrix A matrix that looks at adult actions as they relate to results or student outcomes. Based on Doug Reeves Book "Accountability in Action", 2004   X X  
Learning Visit Questions to Consider A list of questions to use before and after a classroom visit - focused on both teachers and students   X X  
Managing Complex Change A Rubric that outlines components of Change     X  
Math Best Practices A Coach's reflection on Math Discourse, a constructivist student centered approach   X X  
New Start Design Plan Questions  Questions to consider when designing a new start school X      
New Start Regional Wkshp  A PowerPoint on New Start Schools - A Regional Workshop  X      
Observer Learner Protocol An classroom observation protocol   X X  
On Relational Trust in School (E3) Summary of the Key Components of Relational trust in schools X   X X
Parent Engagement Questionnaire A questionnaire to help schools develop a plan for engaging families in small school redesign work X     X
Peer Observation Protocol A classroom observation protocol that provides guidelines for paired observations   X X  
Pocket Guide to Probing Questions A guide that  offers examples of probing questions and examines the difference between clarifying questions and probing questions.     X  
Principal Leadership Standards A list of Leadership competencies for Principals      X  
Professional Development Framework A sample of a professional development framework collaboratively designed by a school leadership team at Woodburn Academy of Arts, Science and Technology. X   X  
Relationship Mapping A tool for mapping the quality of a team's relationships - E3 Sample       X
Rigor and Relevance Circle Visual representation of the 3R's: Rigor, Relevance, & Relationship   X    
School Walk Protocol A protocol to help school visitors have a meaningful interchange with hosting educators       X
Six A's of Project based Learning - A rubric A rubric outlining the Six A's of Project Based Learning   X    
Six A's Project Template A project design template   X    
Six Equity focused A's of Project Based Learning Expands on the Six A's of project based learning to include specific Equity focused questions. X X    
Small Schools Continuum Identifies steps from low personalization in comprehensive high schools to high personalization in small schools X   X  
Stages of Conversion A sample outlining the stages of conversion X      
Stages of New Start School Development  Outline of stages of developing a new start school X      
Stages of Small School Development  An E3 rubric that outlines the stages of small school development designed around E3's School Change Components X      
Steps to Conversion A checklist of steps and decisions  to move from comprehensive to small autonomous schools X   X  
Success Analysis Protocol A simple protocol for examining CFG best practices     X X
Ten Features of Effective design - Building from the Bottom up A sample planning tool for effective small schools development     X  
Ten minute Classroom Observation  Protocol A template for conducting classroom observations - LEP High Sample   X X  
The Iceberg  Concept of Culture A visual representation on the concept of culture X      
The Tyranny of the Urgent A poem that speaks to not letting the urgent get in the way of important things     X  
Theory of Action Flow Chart and School Change Rubric E3's Theory of Action and an outline of the small schools change rubric - Primary E3 Initiative description     X  
Tuckman's Team Devlopment Model Stages of Team Development X   X  
Tuning Protocol A process for examining work samples and offering warm and cool feedback   X X  
WAAST Professional Development Plan  A sample professional development plan     X  
WAAST-Evidence of Teaching and Learning Observation Tool A classroom observation tool - A Learning walk   X    
Walkthrough Implementation Planning Template  A planning template for classroom observations   X    
Your Educational Journey A series of questions to explore personal education history       X
Zones of Safety A process tool for examining issues where individuals feel safe, at risk, or in danger X     X