Initiative Background:  School Coach Model

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Large scale change depends on the commitment of virtually everyone involved, especially so for those in leadership.

Two special roles were embedded into the Initiative to assure focus and on-the-ground support for leadership at each partnering school. First, E3 coaches supported school and district leaders with visioning and planning, research and evaluation, instructional leadership development and data collection and analysis.

Second, each school designated a Teaching and Learning Facilitator to assist in building up capacity for instructional improvement in the classroom. Teaching and Learning Facilitators are successful teachers who assume responsibility for proactively collaborating with the school’s teaching staff, observing teachers in action, and providing explicit feedback about curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Visit TOOLS & RESOURCES to review materials used by Coaches and Teaching and Learning Facilitators. Read "Coaching School Change".This paper articulates the development and implementation of the school change coaching process designed for the Oregon Small Schools Initiative