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Despite the challenges, small high schools are improving student performance on achievement tests. As the reports below indicate, small schools also are experiencing dramatic declines in the dropout rate and impressive gains in the graduation rate. Moreover, economically disadvantaged students at Initiative schools now outperform similar students across the state. E3 will continue tracking Initiative schools’ performance through the 2011-2012 school year to contribute to the growing body of national research about the small schools model.

November 2010 report by ECONorthwest on student results from 2004-2009

The most comprehensive analysis to date by ECONorthwest, Quantitative Analysis 2004-09, concludes that small schools may be even more cost effective than larger, comprehensive high schools in terms of cost per student achieving a desired outcome, e.g. cost per high school graduate. In this 72 page report, ECONorthwest examines enrollment, achievement, attendance, high school completion, college-going rates and costs per student. Click here to view report.

November 2010 report on the evolution and outcomes of the Initiative

This 28 page report looks back at the Initiative’s origin, its evolution inside and outside of the classroom, the nature of change in partner schools and the Initiative’s legacy of transformation in instruction and student achievement. Click here to view report.

November 2010 excerpts from two most recent reports

Highlights from the two reports produced in October 2010 are summarized in this two-page summary. Click here to view summary.

April 2010 Report by ECONorthwest on academic achievement and high school completion
Small schools data, analyzed by , reveals how the small schools model is bringing about improvements in many schools, especially so for students who historically have been underserved, e.g. students of color and low income students. Positive strides have been made to close the achievement gap. Click here to view report

November 2009 Report on Promising Outcomes

In November 2009 our Report on Promising Outcomes was published.  This report provides a summary of achievement and graduation data for the Oregon Small Schools Initiative, along with brief case studies.  In addition it contains an overview of the Initiative history and structures.  Click here to view report.

Achievement, graduation and dropout graphs and tables

The following charts and tables provide quantitative perspective on the gains Initiative schools and their students are making as compared to other schools and students in Oregon.  These tables and graphs reflect school data reported to the Oregon Department of Education; it is not calculated at the student-level and therefore may differ somewhat from analysis conducted by ECONorthwest in its reports.



Graduation and Dropout Rates

Note: Cohort graduation rates are based on all students who enter high school in a given year and graduate with a regular diploma in 4 years

Enrollment and Student Demographics


Visit Data Methodology for more information about the Initiative’s approach to data collection and analysis.