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A Legacy of Student Achievement

In seven years, the Oregon Small Schools Initiative has made an indelible mark on the landscape of Oregon education. Since 2004-05, the longest-established schools have doubled the share of students meeting math and reading benchmarks, reduced dropout rates by more than 25 percent, increased high school graduation 15 percentage points, and increased the share of graduates enrolling at college by 10 percent. Two recently released reports provide an overview of the Initiative design, evolution and results.

As of 2011, the Initiative has concluded but the outstanding work of partnership with schools has really just begun. E3 will continue tracking the schools' performance for an additional three years to contribute to the growing body of national research about the small schools model.

Read excerpts from both reports here, and see Newest Analysis, below, for links to the reports in full.


Newest Analysis

ECONorthwest provides independent, objective analysis of student academic achievement and related measures of efficacy at Initiative schools. Its most comprehensive report to date tracks performance measures from 2004-2009 to identify statistically significant results and trends.  Download the full report here. (72 pages)

The most current report was completed in April of 2011 and can be viewed here.  (25 pages)

For prior analysis on Initiative schools, click here.

The Big Picture on Oregon’s Small Schools

Trace the Initiative’s evolution – from its inception in 2003 to its conclusion in 2010 – and its ultimate impact on classroom learning and student achievement at 34 partner small schools across Oregon.

Download the full report here. (28 pages)

Report Excerpts
Highlights from the two most recent reports are captured in this two-page summary. Scan excerpts here.

42 schools in 13 districts were involved in the Initiative between 2003 and 2010. A one page profile (pdf) is attached for schools that participated in the Initiative in 2009-2010. View school profiles.


Initiative Toolkit
A variety of resources used within the Initiative are available as open source materials. Educators can access tools used by School Change Coaches and apply them in their own schools. Find the toolkit here.

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